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Evan C.


“We are two busy people with three even busier kids and her help is key to helping us work on homework, cook more and do the things we are always aiming to get done each week. Caitlin is easy to get along with and she is great at learning the house and all our stuff.  Each time she comes through makes for a nice day when everyone comes home to such a clean house.  I feel that if friends or family used this service they wouldn't be able to live without it.”


Lynda B.


"The most important aspect to this service for me is that she figures out what to do. I don't have to ask, but if there are specifics I can ask. I would recommend Fresh and Folded because they are very easy and comfortable to work with."


Jess C.


“Caitlin is extremely reliable, and consistently does a very nice job. I absolutely recommend these services!”


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